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The Quartzsite Gem and Mineral Show:
a Unique Phenomen

Image of Quartzsite Show booths
The Quartzsite Show is mainly an outdoors show. Each dealer
sets up tables in front of or near his/her R.V.

This massive outdoor Rock and Mineral Show is a major event in Western Arizona. Located on I-10 about 110 miles west of Phoenix and 18 miles east of the California State Line, this show has been growing since 1965.

Set in a lower Sonoran Desert valley where old gold mining prospects are visible on nearby peaks, this town swells in population from hundreds in the Summer to hundreds of thousands during January weekends. There are presently 3 main Gem and Mineral Shows, plus many "swap meets" and smaller flea markets, selling everything from food to tools to antiques. Latter January is the height of the shows, but there are various events going on from Christmas until late in February.

Many people come to the area in RV's, and camp in the desert as well as in numerous RV parks. Non-RVer's usually motel in nearby Blythe, where there is a good choice of motels and other facilities.

The Rock Warehouse will exhibit again for the 21th year - we were known as Desert Gems until April, 2008 when we changed our name. We exhibit in the Desert Gardens Gem and Mineral Show, located in the southwest quadrant of town.The Desert Gardens Show is almost exclusively rocks, minerals and fossils, as compared to some of the other shows which might have more of a "flea market" element. We have a big selection of products for the rockhound, rock or gift shop, some of which are listed below. Images of a few of these products can be viewed on this page and on the other Web pages of this site

Amethyst, citrine, and quartz products * amethyst cathedrals *
geodes * bookends * agate products * candleholders * lamps *
magnets and nightlights * fossils * bulk minerals * labradorite *
windchimes * Mexican onyx products * Pakistani onyx products *
soapstone clocks * products * Jule-Art stands * and much more.

Quartzsite Sunset (courtesy of Matt Allen)Quartzsite_Sunset

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