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Tumbled and Rough Rocks and Gemstones

Tumbled and rough gemstones and rocks

Product List: Tumbled and Rough
Rocks and Gemstones

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Amethyst, Africa, Best quality
Image of dark amethyst
Amethyst, Brazil, Banded
Image of banded amethyst
Aventurine, Brazil
Image of aventurine tumbled
Bloodstone, India
Image coming soon
Blue Lace Agate
Image coming soon
Botswana Agate, Gray  or pink
Image coming soon
Carnelian, Brazil
Image of tumbled carnelian
Citrine, Brazil, Mixed Sizes 1/2 - 3/4"
Image of tumbled citrine
Fluorite, A Quality
Image of tumbled fluorite A quality
Fluorite, B Quality
Image coming soon
Image coming soon
Hematite, all sizes, Brazil
Image of tumbled hematite
Hematite, MAGNETIC
Tumbled magnetic hematite
Jade, 1" size
Image of tumbled jade
Leopard Skin Jasper, Mexico
Image of tumbled leopard skin jasper
Lapis, mixed grades 3/4" size
Image of tumbled lapis
Malachite, Zaire, AAA Grade, Hand Finished
Image of tumbled malachite
Mini- Tumbled Stones, 1/4-3/8", most stones or mixed
Image of tiny tumbled stone mix
Mixed Tumbled,  Natural, small, medium
Image of tumbled natural stones, mix
Mixed Tumbled,  Dyed, small, medium
Image of tumbled stone mix
Moonstone, India AA Quality
Image tumbled moonstone
Quartz Crystal, Tumbled, Brazil
Image of tumbled quartz
Red Jasper, Africa
Image of tumbled red jasper
Rhodonite, A Quality
Image of tumbled rhodonite
Rose Quartz, B Quality, Brazil
Image of tumbled rose quartz, b quality
Rose Quartz, A Quality, Brazil or Africa, deep color
Image of tumbled rose quartz A quality
Rutilated Quartz, Brazil
Image of tumbled rutilated quartz
Snowflake Obsidian, Utah
Image of tumbled snowflake obsidian
Smoky Quartz, Brazil
Image of tumbled smoky quartz
Sodalite, Brazil
Image of tumbled sodalite
Tiger Eye, Africa, Gold, Blue, or  Red
Image of tumbled tiger eye, gold, red, and blue
Turquenite(dyed blue magnesite)
Image of tumbled turquenite
Turritella Agate, Wyoming
Image of tumbled turritella
Tourmaline Quartz, Brazil
Image of tourmaline quartz
Image of tumbled unakite
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