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Candleholders, Lamps, Windchimes and Clocks

Image of fiber optic and opalite items


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Agate standing candleholder
Image of A quality agate standing candleholders
Agate thick slab, natural or dyed
image of agate thick slab candleholder
Amethyst cluster candleholder A quality
Image of amethyst cluster candleholder
Fluorite Polished candleholder A quality
image of fluorite polished candleholder

Mexican Onyx candleholder rustic

image of mexican onyx candleholder
Quartz cluster candleholder A quality
Image of quartz cluster candleholder
Quartz point candleholder A quality
Image of clear quartz point candleholder
Rose Quartz Natural candleholder
Thumbnail of natural rose quartz candleholder
Rose Quartz Polished candleholder
image of rose quartz full polished candleholder
Selenite candleholder, white or peach
Image of top polished selenite candleholders
Sodalite Natural candleholder
Image of sodalite candleholders

LAMPS: include cord and bulb sets

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Amethyst cluster on wood small
Image of amethyst cluster lamp on wood base
Amethyst cluster on wood reg
Agate mini on wood base, nat. or dyed
Image of Agate Lamp on wood base
Agate lamp w/ cut base
Image of agate lamp with cut base
Salt Lamps, wood base, approx. 5-6 lbs.
Thumbnail of salt lamp
Salt Lamps, other sizes, shapes
Image of different shapes of salt lamps
Rose quartz natural on wood base small
Image of natural rose quartz on wood base
Rose quartz polished lamps
Faceted clear or smoky quartz point lamp
Quartz cluster on wood base, small
Image of clear quartz cluster on wood base
Selenite skyscraper lamp, 8-10"
Image of selenite lamp with wood base


CLOCKS: Quartz movements - select quality - includes stand, AA battery and box

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Agate Slice 4"- 5" diameter
Image of clock made of agate slice
Rose Quartz Slice 6-8" diameter , CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
Image of clock made of rose quartz
Amethyst Cluster on wood base
Image of clock made of amethyst cluster



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Windchimes come in natural, blue, teal,
purple, pink, red-brown & mixed colors
Natural or Dyed, top is Agate
Small Agate slice with wood ring
Image of windchimes with 2" agate slices
Large Agate slice with wood ring
Image of windchimes made of large agate slices
Moon/Star polished slices w/wood ring, 5 pcs
Moon/Star polished slices w/wood ring, 7 pcs
Image of windchimes made of agate slices shaped as moon and stars
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