The Rock Warehouse Lakewood warehouse announces a change in our lobby hours:
New Schedule: Monday thru Friday 11:00am - 5:00pm

We will continue to receive phone calls, emails, and internet orders as usual
from 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Hopefully your business is open and everything is going well.


We are experiencing an industry-wide slow-down in our
product distribution chain. Shipping has become a real crisis
in many cases, and our shipments from Brazil have been slowed as well.
So our apologies for not always being stocked in the materials
you need to continue your boom in business.
We are giving the problem our every effort and hope
to have it resolved within a month or so.

Telephone: 303-462-1173

Email: therockwarehouse@outlook.com

Rock, Mineral, Fossil and Jewelry Wholesalers for over 30 Years

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  • Brazil_Agate_Mosaic_Lamp
  • Brazil_Agate_Slice_Butterfly_Wings
  • Brazil_Agate_Slice_Butterfly_Wings_2
  • Brazil_Amethyst_Cathedrals
  • Brazil_Amethyst_Cathedrals_2
  • Brazil_Amethyst_Eggs
  • Brazil_Amethyst_Heart_on_Stand
  • Brazil_Amethyst_Selection
  • Brazil_Amethyst_Stand_Ups
  • Brazil_Citrine_Cathedrals
  • Brazil_Citrine_Table_Base
  • Brazil_Citrine_Table_Bases
  • Brazil_Giant
  • Brazil_Large_Amethyst_Heart_on_Stand
  • Brazil_Large_Amethyst_Hearts
  • Brazil_Large_Polished_Agate
  • Brazil_Lot_of_Cathedrals
  • Brazil_Matched_Pairs
  • Brazil_Rough_Rose_Quartz
  • Minas_Gerais_Crystals
  • Minas_Gerais_Diamantina
  • Minas_Gerais_Epidote_on_Quartz
  • Minas_Gerais_Epidote_on_Quartz_2
  • Minas_Gerais_Imperial_Topaz
  • Minas_Gerais_Large_Polished_Quartz_Points
  • Minas_Gerais_Polished_Smokey_Quartz_Specimen
  • Minas_Gerais_Quartz_Phantom_Points
  • Minas_Gerais_Quartz_Phantoms
  • Minas_Gerais_Quartz_Points
  • Minas_Gerais_Rubellite_Tourmaline
  • Minas_Gerais_Smokey_Quartz_Clusters
  • Minas_Gerais_Super_Phantoms
  • Minas_Gerais_Tourmaline_2
  • Minas_Gerais_Tourmaline_3
  • Minas_Gerais_Tourmaline_4
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Welcome to the Rock Warehouse

Supplying rock, mineral and gift retailers and wholesalers since 1987, our Lakewood, Colorado warehouse has a wide selection of minerals, fossils, jewelry items, and Amethyst Cathedrals and Citrine Cathedrals at prices you typically find only at shows. Our goal is to give customers what they want, in the quality and at prices that will sell fast.

Wholesale buyers can order from us, as well as seeing and buying in person. Lakewood is becoming a little center of year-round rock and mineral suppliers all within several minutes of each other. We can ship small amounts up to large pallet shipments by truck.

Our company is wholesale only and so to ensure we are selling only to other businesses we require a retail license or Sales Tax license issued by the State the company resides in. Exception to this rule is given to those companies that reside in Delaware, Montana, Oregon, New Hampshire, and Alaska In which case we will accept an EIN number.

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